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Truck Driver Cargo Simulation

Are you searching for realistic truck driver cargo simulation game? So here is the game for your crazy experience of driving a heavy cargo truck. You will drive on offroad tracks in mountains and deserts on bumpy roads in a 4x4 monster truck. This is the real 3D transporter in which you are going to deliver goods to different terrains and will become responsible trucker. Driving a lorry truck is difficult. Delivering cargo to offroad hilly roads is dangerous as well as difficult job to do.

Extreme skills are required for real truck cargo drive. Be a furious stunt shower in this extreme offroad cargo simulation game. Drive your 4x4 lorry truck in beautiful terrains and explore new world around you.

How to play this game

Download this game from play store for free. After installing this game click on “play”. You can play on different game modes. The three exciting game modes are desert driving, snowy mountain drive and hilly bumpy offroad drive.

Your journey is full of dangerous and curvy roads. Be careful while driving. Other heavy containers may become your hurdle but you do not have to rush. Carefully pass through forests. Wild animals can attack you. Wooden logs can fall on your lorry so drive carefully.

Show extremely impressive stunts. Your ultimate driving skills will reveal a lot about your offroad driving. Driving a realistic truck on extreme bumpy road is ultimate challenge for you. Drifting with a gigantic truck on hilly roads is an amazing and exciting trip to be experienced.

This 3D truck race is crazy cargo hill drive. Now fulfill your craze for driving a heavy transporter lorry to deliver goods in different areas where you can explore new world around yourself. Driving heavy vehicles requires tricks and skills.

This is 3D truck simulator game for kids. Become a crazy driver and drive this realistic 4x4 monster truck.

Truck driver cargo simulation features

o             Real experience of off road cargo truck driving

o             Smooth steering, brakes and lifting

o             Amazing 3D graphics

o             Thrill of driving on hills, mountains and steep paths

o             Epic heavy off road ultimate fun and truck driving

o             Exciting driving experience

o             Find a gas station and re-fill your gas tank

o             Free to play game specially designed for android devices.

o             Very smooth controls and realistic truck physics.

o             Thrilling background and exciting background music

o             Easy to play

o             Very challenging

o             Tilt screen to move left and right

o             Increase your speed for gaining more points

o             Curvy path

o             Dangerous roads

o             Collect coins on your way

o             Avoid obstacles

o             Move carefully on bridges above water

o             Collect coins on your way

o             Load and unload goods carefully

o             Use pulley to work easily

o             Do not apply sudden brakes

o             Keep an eye on speedometer

o             Avoid land sliding


o             Collect every single point on your way

o             Keep your gas tank full

o             Do not try over take other vehicles

o             Be careful on curvy roads

o             Turn slowly on sharp turns

o             Before leaving check every part of the truck to ensure that there is no problem

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