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Heart surgery ER simulation gives you a real life crazy surgery experience. This game heart surgery game has amazing graphics. This game is heart surgery ER simulation. Kids like heart surgery games so for them, this heart surgery ER simulation game is best. Take the patient to ER and prepare for heart surgery. This crazy surgery game is doctor simulator for kids. 
Kids want to play doctor games realistically and give treatment to their patients in hospitals and clinics. So let’s play this amazing game now!! 
Ambulance siren is being heard nearby. And ambulance arrived. Here comes another patient. On his way to hospital medical staff has diagnosed him a heart disease and other diseases which were caused by damaged heart. The patient is suffering from acute heart disease which can affect his other body parts like kidney, liver, brain and other body parts. 
After conducting some necessary tests, doctor has reach to a final decision that his arteries and veins are block and an urgent heart surgery is needed otherwise he will die. If blood is not pumped to his full body properly, he will might get a paralyzes attack. To avoid this situation, heart surgeon has to carry out heart surgery. 
Heart surgeon cannot carry out heart surgery alone. He has to gather his team which includes kidney doctor, brain specialist, liver specialist and general physician along with five nurses. A lot of tools are going to be used in this heart surgery. When full team will gather in ER then surgeon will start doing his surgery. 
First of all mark the area on which you are going to perform surgery.
When you are done marking your surgery area which is the basic and most important step of conducting any surgery, then move to other step which is covering the patient’s entire body except for surgery area. 
This step is necessary to secure patient from getting infections during surgery. 
Patient must be given some medication before surgery so that he can survive during operation. 
Duration of heart surgery procedure is very long. So it is necessary to take rest before surgery so you can perform it well. 
Do not rush during surgery. Be calm and gentle. Panicking may results in something dangerous. 
Let other doctors check the patient as well. 
To make sure his other organs are working, they must maintain a record during whole surgery. 
Sometimes during operation surgery infections are caused. This might get worse if it will not be treated properly. 
Many times complications arise during surgery so to overcome them heart surgery medication must be used. 
After successful surgery, heart surgery recovery time takes few days. Followed by healthy heart surgery diet patient can recover soon. 
This game has outstanding graphics 
Smooth controls 
Different tools for surgery 
Doctors’ team 
Realistic emergency room(ER) 
Real surgeries 
Crazy surgery game 
Fabulous game play 
Heart surgery ER simulation has many fun options which you can try in your clinic. There are many patients waiting outside for treatment. Let’s see how skilled you are and how you handle all your patients with full attention and care. Treat your patients properly and make them healthy again. You might be getting late for your clinic…let’s begin this amazing game now!!
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